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At Solution Labs, we have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. 

We have successfully implemented our processes to grow businesses to near 7-figures in revenue, developed a duplicable and systematic formula to grow online education business profitable using the following 4 pillar services.

Learn the process we usually take our clients though step-by-step on this page. 

1. Marketing Plan

The key goals of a marketing plan are to understand buyers; who they are, how do they buy your type of product, what they respond to, and what will work for them. It also defines the sales strategy that will convert qualified leads into profitable sales.

Finally, the marketing plan will define the important metrics to use to track customers at every stage of the buying cycle.
"Charles to the rescue! He not only resolved our immediate technical issue when I was in real bind, but then we extended the scope of the project so we could tap into Charles. He's knowledgable, and his passion for digital is apparent."  - Shelley Mantei

2. Design & funnel development 

The right funnel is the best tool available on the market for digital businesses to grow.

It solidifies the customer's relationship with your company faster than any other methods and vastly increases sales and conversions when switching from traditional check-out style websites.

Our built-in automation and email system multiply your results and enable unparalleled customer support.

3. Paid Advertising

Professional paid advertising is the best way to quickly increase your market share in your industry. You will get results quickly with results that are very easily measurable and trackable.
Paid advertising provides a wealth of useful data that transcends most basic marketing campaigns. Its utility is compounded when used with other marketing channels, such as email marketing, which we offer as part of our omni-channel marketing solutions at Solutionlabs.
"Charles is very efficient with his approach. He first started by getting a solid grasp of what our company was looking for and thanks to his solid initiatives, he delivered quality work all the while keeping us aware with each step."  - Bloom Media

4. Back-end Promotions

Increasing the long-term value of customers is essential for the long-term prosperity of any brand. It costs twice as much to acquire a new customer than to get a repeat purchase.

We at Solution Labs truly believe that back-end promotions are what makes or breaks businesses.

Once we've put together a performing funnel and driven profitable traffic, it's time to setup together back-end promotions such as product launches and flash-sales. 

We came up with a unique system that allows our clients to generate sometimes well over $30'000 in as little as 4 days.  You can learn more about it by scheduling a call with our team.

Ready To Take Your Education Business To The Next Level?

We're looking to onboard two new online education businesses to scale past $100K/month using our unique processes and work closely with our team.

If your you think your business qualifies and you are looking for a turn-key marketing solution, we invite you to click the button below. Let us service you.

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